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Mumford & Sons

Discussion in 'Artist Discussion' started by Mikey, May 20, 2011.

  1. Mikey Active Member

    Well, wasn't sure where to put this as Mumford & Sons are Indie Rock inspired by Country and Irish Folk, it's hard to put the finger on them.

    They're not classical country or folk, which is probably why I like them!

    Mumford & Sons - The Cave

    Mumford And Sons - After The Storm
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  2. dgr_23 Member

    Mumford & Sons are awesome! They have a different style to other modern bands these days. They are working on a new album, I hope its better than their first but thats asking alot!
  3. Fullmoon New Member

    One of my favourite bands that are round at the moment. I don't listen to chart music, My mum actually gave me the album to listen to. I love Folk and Bluegrass. Orginally I refused to listen to it because it was Number 1 on the album chart, I dismissed it because I thought it would be like all other chart music. How wrong was I?!

    Amazing band. I would love to see them one day.

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