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Linkin Park

Discussion in 'Artist Discussion' started by Mira, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. Mira New Member

    “Waiting for the End”

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  2. Kurt Administrator

    This song's really grown on me lately. Expect to hear it quite a bit in our rotation on the station. :D
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  3. Mira New Member

    I liked it too! And I also wanna hear "In the end", "Numb" and "A place in my head" *hint* :D
  4. Kurt Administrator

    [IMG] Don't have those (actually, I think I have a version of "Numb" with Jay-Z); I just have "Leave Out All The Rest," "Shadow Of The Day," "What I've Done," "New Divide," and "Waiting For The End." I'm trying to find a good way to allow people to suggest songs to be added by donating...more info once I have it.
  5. Mira New Member

    And I like the version of "Numb" with Jay-Z too.
    Keep up with the good work ;)
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  6. Mikey Active Member

    A great song from "Minutes to Midnight". Love it!

    Linkin Park- Shadow of The Day ( Lyrics)


    (Ps, sorry Kurt if I broke the naming template thing, I'm just confused as to what goes where.. lol. i tried)
  7. hofahofa New Member

    I love this song too! Linkin Park is still a great band, even after the changing of their style.
  8. Kurt Administrator

    "Iridescent" (part of their latest album) was remixed for the Transformers: Dark of the Moon soundtrack and was released as a single on Tuesday. The video just premiered; watch it here.
  9. Doll Leviste New Member

    Oooh. Love this song. I've always liked Linkin Park's style, my dad's a fan so I get to listen to their CD's from way back.. Haven't heard any latest news regarding the group though.. Love this song "Waiting for the end", "Numb" and "What I've done".
  10. Kurt Administrator

    Here's the first single, "Burn It Down," from their new album Living Things, due June 26. The single will be available this week: it's on digital retailers this Tuesday, but if you pre-order the album on Monday, you'll get an instant download of the single.

    Burn It Down - Linkin Park (Lyric Video)


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