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Kanye West

Discussion in 'Artist Discussion' started by dgr_23, May 9, 2011.

  1. dgr_23 Member

    What do you guys think of Kanye West's new material from the album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

    Personally I think his new material is great!
  2. Kurt Administrator

    In August (likely in the first week of the month), Kanye and Jay-Z will release a new album entitled Watch The Throne. The album includes lead single "H.A.M.," which was released at the beginning of the year, and new single "Lift Off" featuring Beyoncé, which is set for a single release on July 11.
    More news: http://www.spinner.com/2011/07/04/kanye-west-jay-z-watch-the-throne-album-art/
  3. KingManta Member

    My favourite songs on the album were Gorgeous with Kid Cudi, Lost in the World and Blame Game with John Legend.
    I think the album was pretty good, it shows Kanye's innovative style of making music, but I never found myself addicted to any songs.
    I'd listen to a song, think 'Hey that was good' and then move onto something else. Still a good album nonetheless.
  4. Kurt Administrator

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