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Discussion in 'Artist Discussion' started by Kaiser, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. Kaiser Member

    Whats your thoughts on Drake? Hes my favorite rapper..
  2. bobgizmo New Member

    I think he is one of the most overrated rappers ever. He really isn't that great in my opinion. He had a few good songs. But most of what he puts out sound the same. Rap, sing, rap, sing, rap, sing... Yea
  3. Kaiser Member

    Well we all have our opinions, he may sound bad to you, and great to me.
  4. MordaBee Member

    Go listen to his older songs. He used to be amazing.
    Now that he's signed to Young Money, his music has gone downhill.
    KingManta likes this.
  5. afrolewis Member

    Drake? I think he's got the perfect combination of rapping and singing, and by far one of the top dogs in Young money, (You heard he might be moving to Jay z's lable?). He's so young and ha already achieved so much in the music industry, I like loads of his songs and he's one of the very few artists i truely support. He's done songs with some of the other greats in the game, and he was the first unsigned Canadian artist to make it on BET, which I see as a huge achievement. His first mixtake "so far gone" achieved the same success as a studio record would, and he was unsigned at the point of his release.
    To summerise - GREAT ARTIST!
  6. Kurt Administrator

    Listen to new Drake single "Headlines," from upcoming album Take Care:
    Drake's New Single 'Headlines' [Audio]

    I'll be adding it to our new evening playlist once I get that set up. :)
  7. KingManta Member

    100% agreed.
    Drake's mixtapes had some really good songs on them.
    Now that he's with bad rappers such as Lil Wayne, all his songs are mainstream, and he just raps about money, cars and girls.
  8. Kurt Administrator

    Take Care is being pushed back from its original October 24 release date to November 15. He explains why on his blog:

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