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Discussion in 'Artist Discussion' started by Kurt, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. Kurt Administrator

    Though "Thick As Thieves" is still receiving radio play, having just scraped the top twenty of the Active Rock radio format, Cavo has released another song from their upcoming album of the same name: "Celebrity." The album, also named Thick As Thieves, is set to be released on April 10.

    CAVO - Celebrity
  2. Kurt Administrator

    Full album is uploaded to YouTube before its release on Tuesday. Pre-order on Amazon here.
    1. Thick As Thieves
    Cavo - "Thick As Thieves" - Official Video
    2. Give It Away
    Cavo - Give It Away
    3. Hold Your Ground
    CAVO - Hold Your Ground
    4. California
    Cavo - California
    5. Circles
    CAVO - Circles
    6. Celebrity
    CAVO - Celebrity
    7. Never Gonna Hurt
    CAVO - Never Gonna Hurt
    8. War Within
    CAVO - War Within
    9. Last Day
    CAVO - Last Day
    10. Run
    CAVO - Run
    11. Southern Smile
    CAVO - Southern Smile

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