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Bruno Mars - "Locked Out Of Heaven"

Discussion in 'Song Discussion' started by Kurt, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. Kurt Administrator

    Rumor has it that Bruno Mars will release "Locked Out Of Heaven" as the lead single from his second album, which is rumored to be released on December 11. Earlier this week, Mars tweeted that the album was finished, while simultaneously premiering in a new Funny Or Die video. Now, it appears that a lead single is on the way to radio, as SiriusXM DJ Mikey Piff has tweeted about "Locked Out Of Heaven" as well as the new album, stating that the single is coming on October 1 (which would match earlier indications that new music was coming in October), with the currently-untitled album of "genius pop music" to be released Tuesday, December 11. We'll see if everything pans out shortly.
  2. Kurt Administrator

    Bruno is set to premiere the video on Monday at 7:00pm Eastern (4:00pm Pacific) in a live chat and Google+ hangout. It appears that the song will premiere on YouTube, with a Google+ hangout to follow; discussion will be based on use of the #AskTheDragon hashtag.

  3. IvanHoe Member

    So far, i do not like the song and have not listen to it much. Kinda dissapointed this as the lead single tbh.
  4. Kurt Administrator

    I didn't love it at first, but it's grown on me in the past week or two.

    Also, here's his performance of the song from last night's SNL:

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